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Julie is available to visit and talk to your group about love & light:
 the benefits of yoga and meditation; how this can benefit
 and assist with cancer, HIV / AIDS and other serious illnesses.

Get in contact to make arrangements to have her visit your group.

Please consider that Julie may require assistance for her travel and
 accomodation costs as she donates all proceeds or uses the proceeds
 to assist in sharing her experiences with others who may be in need.

...Where has Julie Been and What is Happening...

17th March 2016

Julie appeared in this article in the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne

Julie Wentworth, 82, still loves doing and teaching yoga

Julie plans to return to Assisi for Easter and continue raising funds for the St Francis Care Centre as well as teaching yoga in Melbourne.

April 2009
In April Julie was initiated into Karma Sannyasa at the Satyananda Yoga ashram, Rocklyn,Victoria during the visit of Paramahamsa Niranjanananda. Her sannyasa name is Sannyasi Chin Maya. (below)

A yoga DVD was made with the help of some of Julie's Melbourne students. Within three weeks all of the 100 copies were sold, and donations to the St Francis Care Centre, Johannesburg flowed in, resulting in an overall total of $5570 for the centre's hospital and cottage for AIDS orphans. (No more DVDs were produced and there are no more copies available for sale.) This centre was where Julie taught yoga during her visits to South Africa in 2005 and 2006. The amount raised has contributed towards the employment of trained nurses. This fund is ongoing and supporters are invited to put aside at least $1 a week or $50 per year to sustain the support to the centre.

If you would like to help the St Francis Care Centre you can send a cheque made out to 'Julie Wentworth' at her postal address with a note it is a donation for St Francis. For more information on the address or other methods where Julie may contribute for you, please contact Julie.

You may make an online donation via the St Francis Care Centre
where there is also a wish-list of goods as well as money, skills & time.
Donate Online

If you do donate online, please contact Julie and advise of your donation so she can keep a record of the amount raised each year from this fund.

Julie retired from CAE Melbourne after teaching yoga there for 16 years. In June she attended a Vipassana Retreat at Healesville, Victoria. Although she endured a tear in a shoulder tendon and much pain, she was well enough to return to her beloved Assisi in September where she experienced much peace, healing and joy.

September 2006
Julie returns to St Francis Care Centre,
Johannesburg, to continue teaching 
HIV / AIDS children, mothers, abused women, 
training nursing staff and working with the dying.

June 2006
Julie is teaching yoga to women with cancer
  at the  Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne.

April 2005
Julie travels to Sri Lanka to give a talk
 to doctors  and nurses on meditation
and to teach Buddhists and villagers yoga.

March 2005
Julie spends time in South Africa at
Nkosi's Haven, Sizanani Village and St. Francis Care Centre
 teaching  HIV / AIDS children, mothers, abused women,
 training nursing staff and working with the dying.

27th January 2005
love & light - Second Edition
arrives with limited copies still available. If you'd
 like your copy get in touch and reserve it now:
Send your cheque or money order.
see contact or order pages for more details

November 2004
love & light is to be reprinted!
Profits from the second edition are to assist Julie to visit
 South Africa and Sri Lanka to work with those in need.
(No Profits from love and light are retained by the author:)

30th June 2004
Talk to Advanced Liver Oncology Group
The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

20th April 2004
Talk to HIV / AIDS men at
Positive Living Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

7th April 2004
Presentation of cheques:
Acharya Satyanandashram Hellas
Victorian AIDS Council, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

31st March 2004
First Edition Sold Out.

18th February 2004
Talk to Breacan City.

5th February 2004
'An Amazing Journey'
CAE College of Advanced Education,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

16th November 2003
Presentation to the:
Australasian Fellowship of Yoga Teachers

10th September 2003
Love & Light
Book Launch.
All profits from the sale of the first edition go to the following charities:
Satyanandashram Hellas. Victorian Aids Council. Positive Living Centre.
(No Profits from love and light are retained by the author:)


Sannyasi Chin Maya
Julie Wentworth
love & light

a yoga manual
 for cancer,
other illness

Julie Wentworth