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It was wonderful to see you and to see how well you are. You are an inspiration to us all and I look forward to seeing your book published, which will be a comfort to so many in need.

Om Tat Sat

Michael Dally
Radiation Oncologist

Julie Wentworth has entitled this book Love and Light and not without reason. Julie's energy and clarity radiate throughout this book of yoga, written to help those affected by illness.

As an Oncologist and one who has attended Julie's classes in the past, I see no conflict between life threatening diseases and life enriching yoga. Certainly my patients have taught me to appreciate and enjoy each day. Yoga has taught me to appreciate each breath in and each breath out (pranayama).

Love & Light is not just for instructing those who are ill or faced with uncertainty. It is a book about teaching yoga to celebrate life. It could easily be used as a basis for teaching yoga in the broader community. Where it differs from other books of yoga instruction, Is the author's courage in overcoming her own cancer and several operative procedures. The empathy flowing from Julie's personal experience colours and enriches every page. Teachers of yoga and meditation will appreciate the clear instructions, interspersed with personal experience and will be able to distil those practices best suited for their own yoga.

This book challenges teachers to find the courage to face their own thoughts on sickness and even death. It details one woman's answer to that challenge and her wisdom to face those same issues in others, with empathy and a sustainable focus.

Helen Brown Gentry
Columnist / Author

One of Australia's most inspirational and respected yoga teachers, Julie Wentworth, has for many years shared her knowledge and provided spiritual nurture to those facing HIV, AIDS and other Iife-threatening conditions. Having overcome cancer herself more than 15 years ago, Julie has a unique ability to empathise with and empower people confronting serious health challenges. Combining the ancient science of yoga with modern medical treatments many of her students have improved their well-being, deepened their spiritual practice and in some cases experienced full recovery. This book is not only for those wanting to include yoga in their recovery program but for their families, loved ones and care givers - and for teachers willing to enhance the lives of students on life's most demanding journey.

Sannyasi Chin Maya
Julie Wentworth
love & light

a yoga manual
 for cancer,
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Julie Wentworth