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St Francis Care Centre, Johannesberg

A yoga DVD was made with the help of some of Julie's Melbourne students.

Within three weeks all of the 100 copies were sold, and donations to the St Francis Care Centre, Johannesburg flowed in, resulting in an overall total of $5570 for the centre's hospital and cottage for AIDS orphans. (No more DVDs were produced and there are no more copies available for sale.)

This centre was where Julie taught yoga during her visits to South Africa in 2005 and 2006. The amount raised has contributed towards the employment of trained nurses. This fund is ongoing and supporters are invited to put aside at least $1 a week or $50 per year to sustain the support to the centre.

If you would like to help the St Francis Care Centre you can send a cheque made out to 'Julie Wentworth' at her postal address with a note it is a donation for St Francis.

For more information on the address or other methods where Julie may contribute for you, please contact Julie.

Sannyasi Chin Maya
Julie Wentworth