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Issue 10 2004 (page 71)
November - March 2005

This inspiring book communicates most
effectively through both personal experience
and detailed instruction. Julie describes her
own encounter with cancer and includes
several accounts of past and present students
who have also lived with HIV/AIDS or a life-
threatening illness. She details appropriate practices for those managing such conditions and includes asanas, pranayamas, relaxation techniques and meditations for healing, peace and well-being. These instructions  are accompanied by additional information for teachers. Through the courage and wisdom gained by personal experience, Julie has produced a book that will help not only those wanting to incorporate yoga in a recovery program, but also their families, friends and caregivers, as well as health professionals and yoga teachers. It is a book coloured by joy and compassion. It celebrates life and speaks directly to the heart.

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Sannyasi Chin Maya
Julie Wentworth
love & light

a yoga manual
 for cancer,
other illness

Julie Wentworth