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was awarded a scholarship to the Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne, where she studied singing and piano. She was a professional singer for several years as well as teaching piano privately at Shelford Girls' Grammar School and Brighton Grammar School.

Yoga entered her life in a profound way after a quantum leap in healing during her own experience of cancer. Since that time she has pursued extensive studies in yoga and devoted her life to helping others through its practices and philosophy. She graduated in 1989 from Gita International Yoga as a hatha yoga teacher. She pursued postgraduate studies with Satyananda Yoga and is a jignasu sannyasin in that tradition. She has also attended courses in yoga and alternative healing in Greece, India, Switzerland and USA.

For many years, Julie has taught students at Fintona Girls' School, St Catherine's School, Camberwell Grammar School and CAE Melbourne.

Although Julie teaches yoga classes, she specialises in yoga for those managing cancer, HIV / AIDS and other serious illnesses. She has taught at the Positive Living Centre, Victorian AIDS Council, Albert Road Clinic, Bentleigh Community Centre and the Australian Ballet School.


Sannyasi Chin Maya
Julie Wentworth
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Julie Wentworth